Breaking the Mold: The Power of Embracing Unconventional Talent

Article - Careers and Jobs in Lebanon

We hired someone who was 23 minutes late to his job interview – he’s one of the most timely people on our team.

We hired someone without a college degree – his creativity and work ethic are unbelievable.

We hired a single mom with three kids – she’s one of the committed and dependable people I know.

We hired someone who had been incarcerated for a nonviolent offense – he’s trustworthy and loyal to a fault.

We hired someone 55+ with zero healthcare experience- she‘s got more energy than I do and her computer skills are unmatched.

Can we please throw out these “rules” about what a person needs to be, look like, have accomplished, and do to succeed?

It’s usually the people that are underestimated that will give you their best!
Before you throw away that resume because they don’t have every degree on earth or lack 10+ years of industry experience…

Think about doing something new.

And give someone new a chance to shine.

Source: LinkedIn